Should I text him/her?

You’ve dreamed of him getting in touch but no answer came on his part just yet? You have his number though and just hesitating before you make a decisive move are you scared of silence on the other part of the telephone or no reply from him just ages it would take to hear from him?

To text or not to text?

That depends on what you are trying to achieve with this sms of yours. Have you fallen out over a petty thing that you no longer hold him responsible for and want to apologise profusely for in order to make up? Whoever used a stronger language and scathing arguments to win the battle lost the war as you can only go as far as ruin a relation between you and other people when you are opting for stronger means to win at all cost. If the situation is on a knife-edge then perhaps you should wait until life pours oil on the rough sea and the situation would clear without you taking any unnecessarily premature steps, even as seemingly insignificant as a text message.

Hardly the case

If it was just a cat fight over who should be holding the tv remote control or a similar affair, then feel free to sms as you please, in any major argument that would seriously threaten the stability of your relationship or a relation you would have to see and wait and most importantly not discuss the things over the telephone or with a short message that could be read and interpreted in many ways. Avoid some terse or longish sentences that don’t have to be seen positively by the other party. Think how they could react in your situation and act on the assumption that they could be hurting over an earlier event or surprisingly or not be rather unperturbed by it and hoping for you to reconsider and repent. Would you like to take the whole guilt on you or just wait till they get frighten about you?

A small act takes great courage

Indeed with a small act of sending your text to the other party, you are constituting a change in the line events, one leading to another. You could act on impulse without much need to pour over for ages whether it would be the best idea or not, simply make it come into effect and see where it takes you. Some of that could work, but it would depend solely on the kind of situation you are dealing here with. And no one can tell you whether you should make an effort or not if they are not in your shoes. Only by knowing what exaclty has happened and what you have in mind then we should be more predisposed to help you out.

How can I save my marriage?

If it is not too late just yet, perhaps you two could benefit from a form of therapy that your husband may accept to work it out from scratch and open yourselves up for a new beginning. There is hardly any other cure however as most couples that choose to separate never get back together despite initial harbingers of upcoming change. Mostly, the party guilty of breaking the common agreement and the other party who has to shoulder the former’s acts of dishonesty or unwillingness to co-operate any other way choose to dissolve the union at an early stage of separation.

How can you save it?

While there may be no serious dealbreakers, the atmosphere in the marriage could resemble the stuffy insides of a prison where one party plays the guard and the other the prisoner. At times it seems that no amount of effort on your part is going to make a difference which is why only professional help is required. Any unstable moods or asynchronous characters would be better explained by a therapist that would offer to lead you through your difficulties and back to the happy beginning. The efforts required take a great deal from either party, especially the one who could feel somehow responsible for the deterioration of the relationship, but it always takes two people to tango, as the arena of those two characters clashing is the home. Many a time however one party would be found guilty of denying any responsibility whatsoever in the face of obvious evidence. Why? People rarely admit to the feelings of guilt and reproach but when they do they are also taken advantage of and turned into the perpetrators and agents of negative change. This delicate subject takes subtlety and delicate means to tackle any hard feelings that either side would find harboured deeply for years. On the other hand, too much willigness to forgive and erase bad memories could be quickly dismissed by the recipient of our forgiveness leading to more stormy reactions and repeated offences against the marital integrity.

Take a hard ride

Be prepared to hear a totally different story when you two meet in therapy. If that first stage occurs, you could be closer to saving the marriage, but need to give it enough time to recoup the early moments of bliss and peace. Finding out more about the partner’s needs and perspective could come to you as both exhilarating and shocking but you also have your story to tell even if your partner has heard it plenty of times. It won’t be a pleasant exchange but more like the other person’s soul searching and revealing the motives you have never thought you should be paying attention to. That is what happens when you are dealing with another human being who only shows you part of their inside on a daily basis. We all want to love and be loved, give and take, but unfortunately so often it becomes impossible for a number of reasons which you are going to find out more about when in therapy.

What makes men cheat?

You would say you would never cheat, but come a romantic evening and dance and some alcohol consumed and what happens? The typical barriers are lowered and it is so much easier to trespass another boundary with no consequence, as someone could naively think at first. You like the way someone looks and you aren’t after their character or their chatty lingua style you just want sex, just because admittedly they seem hot to you and so, in the state of intoxication or often out of it, you crave more sex, more sex with strangers and you want the adventure that a typical home cannot always guarantee, though it is not quoted here as an excuse. It is not only men who cheat, the number of women who do are significantly lower, but still, the basic rule holds true in every respect.

Why and how of cheating

No one would openly dare to say to someone’s face that they are out for a sex binge night just because they find it so stimulating that they need it more often than you can hand it over to them. Ironically enough, cheats who keep things hidden from their spouses or partners do so behind their back for whatever reason? The need for peace and calm, the need to be served the same thing more than once, the social disapproval? In that sense cheating is called this way, it is not only betrayal of trust that cannot be repaired, but it is also the inability to part with the normal routine. There is often some justification going on in a cheat’s head who doesn’t consider himself guilty or if so, only a little.

Lies, lies, lies

The worst part is however all the cover-up and lying into someone’s face with a straight face while being fully aware of one’s actions. This is where it hurts the most. Another thing is that the cheat carries the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease and so marital or partners’ sex becomes a threat to the well-being of the other person’s sexual health, which is simply inexcusable. Although many couples which wrangled over their tribulations with the case of cheating emerge and rebuilding trust, in many cases, cheating is the straight way to divorce. Why wouldn’t a cheat go this particular way from the early beginning instead of fighting the urge to date someone hotter and younger? Perhaps it is the illusion of being in love and trying to overcome the feelings they are tempted with. Ever before we point a finger at a lover or our own husband, let’s try to think of the mitigating circumstances that may have pushed them to act this way. The barbaric nature of the act to get close to another body out of curiosity and impulsive needs cannot be easily overcome however even by the most faithful of wives, so understandbly, if you decide to split over cheating, do so to act with your nature and not against it.

How can I quit smoking?

If you are asking this sort of question this should suggest you are more than willing to try and kick the habit straight away. It may not be as simple though, depending on how long you have been a chain smoker and how much your body has grown to become accustomed to a daily intake of tobacco and the cancerous poison that you inhale with each smoke.

Ways to go about your addiction

First of all, remain optimistic and determined to see the addiction go but hold your hopes until you reach the safer shores meaning when the number of cigarettes smoked daily drops significantly without you inevitably fumbling for a butt. What you have to do is find ways to detach yourself from and remove the link that binds you to to the favorite moment in the early morning or any given point in time. If you succeed at substituting it with something else, perhaps you would be on the road to recovery in no time at all. The physiological dependance on nicotine is yet another challenge that won’t just easily go away on its own, and so the pressure to bend and reach for a smoke to alleviate feeling can’t subside within the matter of a few days. Before you yield keep yourself and your mind occupied with other activities that bring about productive behaviors and drag you away from any company that loves to smoke. Choose to leave for a destination that would help you stave off urgency that calls on you to act on your earlier instincts. Replace the cigaretts if you must with the electronic type so that you are walled up from temptations for real. Don’t try to avoid the smoke by replacing a cigarette with a pipe, as the habit is already in the making and anyting that you inhale is as risky to your health as cigarettes.

The character

If you see that there has been way too little progress, consult your doctor that could advise you some more about the ways of battling your addiction. Rememeer to address the multifaceted phenomenon smoking is. Also treat it as a kind of pleasure which you have to replace with another pleasure while keeping your fingers busy. Observe yourself closely and check in what situations you are irresisitbly tempted to give your mood a boost. Many foods are commonly called comfort foods, and the same could be ascribed to cigarretes. If cigarettes are commonly associated with the elevated social ease and laid back demeanour, then think again what would help you conserve your position without sacrificing your health for the benefit of the outside world and its approval gained. Going against the grain and acceptable behaviors endorsed within your community could be a tough nut to crack, so seek your allies elsewhere.

What makes a good teacher?

You start with the basic menu of character traits that would be perfect in case of the teacher. It is typically the people with the instinct of helping, naturally born and looking to find a spot where their innate qualities could be of use. That’s in short only one of pre-requisites that make that difficult job more palatable. Too much sacrifice and dedication would bring about quickly symptoms of easy burn-out in the times when young people don’t want to be led or marshalled like puppets and they need a role model who is compassionate but firm about setting boundaries, fascinating and yet demanding, they want someone to help them grow, but only if that person marshals that respect with ease without control. The job takes a person of great heart and serious expectations, of great wit and enough flexibility to control one’s behavior unlike controlling others. Or it would be easier to say what makes a bad teacher.

What makes a bad teacher?

Good intentions cannot replace self awareness, even though, even the greatest teachers make mistakes in judgement. However, bad apples are those who confuse control with classroom management, and bending someone to their will as a successful strategy employed to be working towards peace and quiet. The inability of the teacher to come out of their desk and be fearless when being close to students and the inability to organize the setting for grasping knowledge with much ease is what makes a bad teacher fail in many respects. Bad teachers base their teaching on coursebooks and hide their personality behind someone else’s ideas. They may have their own opinions but deep down they barely believe that students should get to know them or that students’ opinions on anything could be used to add anything to the subject matter. Bad teachers are like bad parents, poor at setting their own boundaries, not mindful of how their own presence affects their pupils’ life anddeeply unaware of their educational and developmental needs.

Great teachers are hard to come by

Really? Anyone can be a great teacher provided that they meet certain requirements like those listed above. You could immensely benefit as a teacher from getting to know your own mentors and listening to your own heart. If you make any of those mistakes bad teachers and are prone to snap decisions that bring more harm than good, then just don’t give up too easily but work on yourself or, if you cannot change, switch careers.

Immunity to typical juvenile or adult behaviors that call for a quick action on the part of a seriously minded person takes more than just a heart and high EQ. The skills needed for negotiating the outcome and paving the way for the other side to voice their opinion is equally valid. Obviously it does not always work this way and something brutal honesty is way better than anything.

Should I forgive him?

No one can tell you if you should or not as it depends on what kind of crime you have found him guilty of. Men are blamed for a number of things and weaknesses that make out hearts leap and sink and tearing that that heart apart is so much easier than repairing it. What you need is more than atonement and yet another promise because words come cheaply and intentions are good, but if the spirit is weak, then very little can be done for the situation not to occur again whatever it is. However, you have to make a decision yourself and keep in mind that no strength of love can change someone’s ways if they are not willing to make that effort to undergo a change.

Difficult moments

We are weak by definition and our shortcomings are what makes or breaks a relationship. Perhaps it is easier for parents to forgive the sinner, but a partner would have difficulty accepting the sinner back if trust has been broken to a large degree. That repair of trust is a long time process that takes plenty of work on the part of the repenter and the scar is normally quite visible.

No amount of talk or signed contracts can help you find out or decide whether you are about to make a right decision or not since human nature is so much stronger even when you are deeply in love with someone and are adamant some things would never reoccur. Habits take months to eradicate and dealing with anger streak or anything else. If it is something serious we are dealing here you may never know until you give him the second chance, but this time around the behavior could be much worse, however, you need first to see and judge for yourself as no one, including you is capable of predicting the outcome, even if you have known someone for several years. Rather, in this situation, you could more easily observe what is happening or what has been happening if you are a keen observer of human behavior and judge how seriously someone has undergone a profound change of heart and made it stick.

Obviously, people do change at any given moment, though their temperament remains basically the same, and, they also change with time. Ask yourself if you want to wait until someone has undergone a change to make you happier.

Relationships take work

But perhaps not all of them are meant to last and not all the partners that vowed to remain true to each other, would remain this way forever. Many a time we barely knew what is hiding behind the surface and when we do, we discover someone we never agreed to be with. Even those people can change drastically though, but it takes more than just another vow.

How can I make money online?

There are a number of ways to do so if only you can persevere and can write easily enough. Although writing jobs are not paying much you can always try your luck with them and see how fast you can progress to earn some more. The problem lies in the fact that you are expected to bid against thousands of people in a situation similar to yours before you land anything, and you will probably be going from a project to a project as a freelancer. Money varies, hours are not as flexible, and an ability to push through and stay self motivated remains the key in this business. Being glued to the computer all day isn’t the idea you’d fancy so you would have to be on guard about that to make sure you aren’t missing any deadlines.

Popular ways of making money

When you register with any of freelancer websites you do have to expect to bid for jobs, but you could be in the luck if you simply come across an ad that calls people to write for them. The best way to do it is by visiting and browse through the categories one by one. Stay away from those ideas which seem overly terse, come with a non-descript picture or promise no money for meagre pay. In that way you would only be exploited to make others make that money and leave you only some crumbs. The better you write the better the pay should be, so if you hold a degree and are a stay at home mom don’t go for cheapest jobs just to lose so much precious time and leaving with nothing. Also if you have any expertise to share with the world, why not pen something delectable that would speak directly to the minds and hearts and in the end the wallets of people that would be interested in buying what you have to say on various subjects. Running a blog is another way to reach a wider audience but not necesarily the best of them all, and not so easy to promote unless you publish daily and know your skill. Then perhaps you could be your own author.

Other ways

Going to some websites to click the ads or play some games for a penny may seem like a huge waste of your time but you can see for yourself if that strategy would lead somewhere, ie. let you earn something. Writing a review or a product recommendation would be on the other hand a much faster way to a greater and regular revenue as long as you manage to find an employer that would help you generate it in exchange of your writing services. Prepare a neat CV and a covering letter with samples of your writing and be willing to endure some unpleasant rejection at first, but be hopeful for the best.

How can I earn money fast?

The best way is for you to steal the first million then it all goes easy from then on. Apart from that there is no easy way to make money fast unless you can make an investment and hope for quick recoupment which is rarely the case with most of people. Is there any way to achieve it however?

Make a deal no one finds resistible

Sell a car or a house for a price that outbids any other and leaves others behind in the distance. No one said the money doesn’t have to come from sale patent an idea and also make it salable to attract higher bidding. For a change, you could also sell your expertise if you can pack it up nicely and publish it once for example as a self help book to make a lasting impression on millions of people who want to get a slice of that to make their own. If you are counting on making a breakthrough discovery to make wads of cash, think again. You would have to win a lottery of some sort or break an online bank or a casino to make things work in your favor.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

And wait to make that quick buck. Apart from breaking a bank, you should simply be able to invest in stocks and bonds and reap your awards early on. Did you make an investmest in the ground, sell it the moment when bidders see no other way than just to grab that what you have to offer.

If you are piss poor, making money seems as impossible as ever, and rightly so. With no money to invest or no possessions to sell, you are only left with your articulate mind and sharp tongue to start a political campaign. Join the local politics and see if you can make people trust you and your agenda. Alternatively you could choose to make a modeling career or any career that asks you to become a local and a global celebrity if you have anyone famous in your family. You don’t? Then you can always make quite an impression on someone by writing a self help book which perfectly describes how to make wads of money and sell it for a penny online where advertised it would bring in some cash. That’s not exactly a rapid thing to happen, but at least the product remains on-site for a longer period and brings you the revenue for a longer period. Like with anything money wouldn’t come quickly but once it did you would see it pour in for months to come. The trickle of money for a time is so much better than just taking a loan and making a miserable investment.

Healthy Pizza Ideas

Isn’t it more like an oxymoron or an invention of a zany cook that thought with the old traditions given a new angle he would cash in on the new element? It is like electronic cigarettes that quench one’s need for a smoke by letting you emit the smoke but then you go back to your old ways for the grey white glory of the real thing. Then can it be a real thing or is it just a new concept that could sell? And what exactly is that we are talking about here with no proper intro?

Stoked up with Calories

Pizza should deliver by combining the taste, texture and aroma alike. The fulfillment of one’s stomach is another issue so we cannot say we would be glad to munch on a green pizza even though that would be something less monotonous than your typical slice that is dripping fat from cheese.

Pizzas normally should stand for a filling dish which does not leave you hungry for more unless it is so delicious that you cannot resist one more piece. Whoops! It only means you have devoured the whopping 600 or more calories and burning them would take you more than 5 hours of tennis or zumba dancing for 10 hours without a break to reduce the time.

Healthier Pizza: An Impossible Task to Achieve?

Yes, with less cheese and more veggies and slimmer cuts of meat should make it for you. Also pizza gets healthier when you eat less of it in a day, so I would recommend against placing big orders and instead going for a single one. You may not be fully satisfied with this approach, but let’s face it, you are only browsing the net to stick with your favourite filler for long and seeking absolution, which is hard to obtain, in the light of a simple observation that pizza is meant to be high in calories if only by virtue of calories contained in flour.

Replacing your pizza cheese with anything that is fat free could bring the effect that you feel on your palate once you taste the first bit. Those 0% fat products fashioned from God only knows what would kill what you expect to get from a nice and crunchy royal pizza. Do not go there! Instead take what you want but make it small enough to fit in your plate. That way you will save yourself much trouble and enjoy the pleasures of the yummy snack which should remain this way, a snack and not the staple that replaces a normal lunch as it often the case in diners where you hang out. If you prefer your own pizza over the takeaway you should have more control over the contents that may not be as appetizing as you once thought.

My Dad Is Too Busy for Me

We all need fathers, who are so busy chasing their own demons or tending to their business that their attention is directed elsewhere and away from us. Depending on the family rituals, a decision to share your feelings on the drift that has occured between the two of you may be difficult to follow through. Sharing any feelings could be a sign of weakness and your father may be particularly disinclined to lean towards any displays of affection you would be seeking.

Change Comes Hard

This approach is difficult to change, albeit swift to alienate those, who, amidst the TV and net culture, are in a difficult process of establishing their own identity. Relatively few men express their feelings, but that particular quality only lends further to augment the impression that they are elsewhere with their attention. Perhaps they see no need to show any bits of that because they believe they are right about their approach to you and life as a whole. Apart from familial ways and your father’s temperament and personality, the bitter reality of the relationship he has developed with his partner also has a bearing on his attitude towards the children.

Quality Time Factor

Until he realizes that parenthood lasts until the last day of his life, he might otherwise have no clue. Attention takes time and effort and he could be missing those two resources to share. But the oft-heard phrase, quality time, rings particularly strongly in the times when relationships fall apart easier than before, when individual happiness is given more reflection, and, in the end, where money is king so it needs to be chased on a daily basis.

Carving out any time could prove impossible as some men think most of the job should be done by their wives and partners. The invisible dad is a common phenomenon, and has forever been a powerful factor that affects a child, and then, teen’s development. In girls, a father’s meek and loving discipline instills enough faith in themselves and their abilities; without it, they would be prone to developing feelings of inadequacy and discomfort of living in their own skin.

Will You Ever Amount to Anything?

It is a tricky game for sons who could be looking up to their parental figure with awe, but also unable to measure up in many respects. A wise father knows how to address those issues and escape his own needs to impose their own goals on their offspring. He is able to connect with the son. Through his actions and words he ensures that there is enough room for improvement and does not chastise the boy, and later the man, for not meeting the milestones of perfection. He accepts and approves son’s needs for self expression but sets clear limits for him to steer clear of misdemeanour.

The Effects on You

The consequences of the missing father, often mentioned by people who lost their father early in their life, or, who received not enough attention, are particularly difficult to get over. The shadow of the missing father typically remains with them until late adulthood and affects all spheres of life.

The Recovery

Although the art of putting emotions on the show is rarely fully mastered by men, it is more about the fatherly presence which should be effective and affective on both accounts. Many men look upon their own fathers with pity or disapproval only to find themselves locked in their own world inaccessible to the others. Very few parents ever question their own ways of upbringing and attitudes towards their offspring or see how their personality and management are lacking in many departments. Ideally, it should not be about any soul searching or fault finding, but more about growing into the role more effectively with full awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.